Reinhardt Lexus
Welcome to the Lexus Family!

One initiative of our organization through the years has been to continuously nurture our relationship with our customers. in keeping with this tradition, we are proud to announce the New Owners' Breakfast. With this quarterly event, we hope to create a new level of customer satisfaction.  All Reinhardt Clients are invited to attend at any time, just let us know.

On the day you take delivery of your new Lexus, we know the amount of information you receive is sometimes overwhelming. The breakfasts are designed to occur after you've had some time to absorb the features and technological capabilities of the vehicle. The Complimentary continental breakfast is typically held on a Saturday morning and lasts approximately two hours. It's a casual hands-on session for you to review the full capabilities of your navigation and Bluetooth systems and to answer questions you may have regarding the many features on your new Lexus.

So that we can provide personalized attention to our guests, we ask that you makes reservations to attend the New Owners' Breakfast.  If you are a recent Lexus purchaser and want to participate, please email Ramona King to be notified of the next available date or call to place your reservation. 334-270-0605 

Dates for New Owners Breakfast 2014/2015
9:00 am
December 12, 2015

We always have a good time at our Breakfast Club meetings. Informative, fun and usually good coffee and great company! Join Us, we would love to have you.
If you have a smart phone you can get the Lexus Enform app for free which can assist you with operations like your garage door opener and Bluetooth.