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We are a FAMILY OWNED and OPERATED business.
We would like to trace our Heritage for you?
On August 8, 1940, Tom Reinhardt was awarded the Willys-Overland Distributorship for South Alabama. Tom was represented by 24 dealerships through South Alabama and NW Florida. Tom Reinhardt also helped farmers in Alabama get their products to market by trading their goods for processed and manufactured goods and transfering their goods to larger cities. These rolling stores brought the goods to people and saved their time and transportation. After the War started, people could not buy cars or tires without having a ration (permission) slip issued by the government and with few potential clients for their vehicles, the dealers wanted to return their unsold units (stock) to us (the distributor). To save the fortunes of his dealers, Tom Reinhardt as Montgomery Willys financed the repurchased of the vehicles and prepared them for storage until the War was over. Jim Reinhardt remembers covering seats and vehicles with paper bags, adding anti-moth cakes and stalling the engine with casite. When the War was over, Reinhardt sold the Rolling stores to W.T. Edwards and proceeded to re-establish sales. Montgomery Willys moved from Dexter Avenue to the old Lime Cola building at 312 Catoma Street in Montgomery Alabama. In January 1951, Tom Reinhardt had a heart attack while closing one evening. Willys-Overland notified the Montgomery Willys owners in a meeting in Memphis Tennessee that their distributorship was cancelled effective March 8, 1951 and the North Alabama Distributorship was awarded to Roy Bridges of Birmingham. Franklin Parker (husband to oldest daughter, Bobbie Reinhardt) left a job with a CPA firm in North Carolina to assist with the operation of Montgomery Willys and added the Hudson franchise. Hudsons sold well with recourse financing and a number of Hudson owners defaulted on their loans which tested the captal of Montgomery Willys. In late 1954 Hudson merged with Nash to become American Motors and after 1957, Hudson no longer existed. Now as Reinhardt Motors Inc, other franchises were added including Metropolitan, Jeep and Renault. In 1969, R. P. Burke and Jim Reinhardt had an opportunity to consider adding another franchise. Both Fiat and Toyota were considered. We were blessed that they were Guided to select Toyota. In 1971 Reinhardt Motors Inc joined the Toyota Family, dba Reinhardt Toyota. In 1974, after the death of Co-Owner R. P. Burke, Reinhardt Motors Inc became an exclusive Toyota dealer and moved to its present location at 720 East Blvd Montgomery Alabama in 1984. In 1991, Reinhardt Motors Inc joined the Lexus Family, dba Reinhardt Lexus. We continue to serve our community as Tom Reinhardt's Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. So that is why you should expect it to feel like Family here.

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Mike Reinhardt

General Manager, Reinhardt Lexus

In a joint effort between Lexus Financial Services (LFS) and Lexus we are pleased to announce a special rebate program for eligible active military personnel. Active military personnel can receive a rebate by leasing or financing a New or Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicle through LFS and Reinhardt Lexus dealership until January 07, 2014.

Eligible customers must be in current active duty status in the U.S. Military (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and active Reserve)
2. Verifiable proof of military status or proof of active service is required at time of purchase in the form of one of the following documentation: a. Leave and Earning Statement
b. Military Orders including Call to Active Duty Letter within one month of departure
c. Military Identification Card
3. Retirees or Veterans honorably discharged within one year of service.
4. Receive a salary sufficient to cover ordinary living expenses and vehicle payments;
5. Upon credit approval by LFS
Maximum Terms
The maximum terms for eligible vehicles under the program are outlined below. An uprate applies for 61-72 month terms.
Retail: 72 month maximum
Lease: 60 month maximum
Preferred Option*: 48 month maximum
*Preferred Option available in the following states only (AR, CT, LA, MD, MS, NM, NJ, NY, OK, RI, TX, VA)