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Reinhardt Lexus understands how seriously you take your independence. From picnics to potlucks, fireworks to poolside cannonballs, baseball to boating, we share your enthusiasm for celebrating liberty.

However you choose to spend your 4th of July, Reinhardt Lexus has plenty of new and L/Certified vehicles to match your independent style and flare for self-expression. Lexus tech allows the motorist to comfortably adventure in confidence and sport.

Let’s explore this newest Independence Day from the liberating controls of your Lexus dash.

The Picnic

July and ninety-degree days go together like burgers and charcoal. You’ve loaded the cooler, the basket, the kids, and the dog into your NX Turbo with room to spare, but it’s only a matter of seconds before someone’s groaning about the heat.

Lexus’ Voice Command feature allows you to make calls, control the climate, and alter the stereo or navigation functions all by using everyday speech. “Cooler,” you tell your Lexus Voice Command to the cheers of your family. Just like that, climate control automatically lowers the temperature by 4 degrees making you and your Lexus heroes.

Ventilated front seats and dual-zone climate controls make the rest of the ride toward the park a simple breeze.

The Lake

The 403 lb-ft of torque produced by your LX’s V8 makes towing the boat and trailer about as effortless as gliding along the lake itself. Even as a certified ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV II), the LX produces 7,000 lbs of towing capacity.

Ability and agility combine throughout with electronically controlled shock absorbers front and rear, an eight-speed sequential shift transmission, and a progressive power rack-and-pinion variable steering all working in concert to make sure you, your family, and your boat get a chance to safely enjoy the water.

The available dual wide-screen, rear-seat entertainment system and Mark Levinson surround sound system ensure the family enjoys their trip to the lake, no matter how many miles it takes to get you there.

The Fireworks

Your Lexus RX makes quick work of the traffic on the highway toward town. This year, like every year, you’ve embarked with the family toward your trusted parking spot for optimal fireworks viewing.

The drive modes allow you the freedom to choose the handling of the vehicle as you and the family ascend toward the traditional lookout – NORMAL, ECO, and SPORT mode each offer a different feel and performance. For the highway ride, you select ECO to efficiently monitor your fuel usage, scoring you a better average mpg throughout your drive. Once you reach the back roads that lead to the overlook where you will marvel at the bright and beautiful show, you switch to SPORT mode to tighten steering, handling the curvy roads with ease. The camping seats and cooler in the back barely budge, even on these winding roads.

The kids opt to take in the display from the comfort of the car. The power folding and reclining rear seats allow them to relax at the perfect angle, and the view through the panoramic moonroof with outer-sliding design is so seamless that the kids might confuse it for a wall-mounted HD TV.

Together, and in full view of the city’s skyline, you and your family can watch every vivid fizzle and bright, barking pop with your Lexus behind you, ready for whatever you choose to do next.

Free to Choose

Whatever path you take this 4th of July, Reinhardt Lexus hopes you’ll let us take you there with a new or L/Certified Lexus vehicle. There’s a perfect fit for every driver at Reinhardt Lexus just waiting to take you wherever and however you choose to go.

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