Lexus Safety Features

Standard Safety Features from Reinhardt Lexus in Montgomery AL

Driving can be hazardous no matter how careful you are. Pedestrians, animals, and other drivers can create issues that cause accidents. All vehicles come with safety features to help prevent accidents and injury. With state-of-the-art Lexus safety features, we hope you will never have a serious accident. 

Why Safety is Important

Safety on the road is the responsibility of every driver. From the condition of your vehicle to the way you drive, most accident prevention depends on you. However, there are situations you cannot prevent. Intelligent clearance sonar technology, enhanced braking, pre-collision systems, LED lighting, and air pressure tire monitoring can help prevent situations and help you react in time.


The 2017 Lexus vehicles come with standard safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes. There are other Lexus safety features that are either standard or optional.

• Pre-collision system - In certain circumstances, your Lexus can detect impending collisions, engage Brake Assist and begin applying brakes.

• Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) - This system detects skids before they happen using an automated system that involves braking, steering and torque modulation.

• Brakes - The latest in braking technology includes antilock brakes, Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.

• Blind Spot Monitoring - This system helps monitor vehicles that could be in your blind spots.

• Rear-view Camera - Once reverse is engaged, this camera lets you see what's behind you and uses a grid to assist you in backing or parking.

• Rear Cross Traffic Alert - This alert will sound when your Lexus senses vehicles in your blind spots when backing out of a parking spot.

• Intuitive Park Assist - This system uses intelligent clearance sonar, much like a dolphin or a bat, sending out sonar waves to detect moving or static objects even before you might see them.
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