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Reinhardt Lexus knows how hard fathers work, which is why this Father’s Day we invite you to celebrate fathers of all stripes with the gift of Lexus technology.

At Reinhardt Lexus, you can find the perfect fit for the industrious father. From the GX, RX, and LX models that love nothing better than to devour rugged terrain like candy, to the sleeker, city-beltway shredding LC 500, there’s a Lexus at Reinhardt to capture the heart of every father.

Let’s take a look at Dad’s special weekend from the driver’s side window of his treasured Lexus.


Before the breakfast feast, Dad’s up at dawn checking rod, reel, and tackle. The cooler’s full and the bait shop’s on the way to his secret spot by the lake. With room to spare, Dad loads his LX knowing that as soon as the kids wake up and dress, they’ll all be comfortably on their way.

Dad’s LX is right at home on the choppy, unpaved path from the road to the lakeside. The 12.3 inch dash-mounted display took them turn-for-turn to the hidden cut-off toward the water, while the vivid heads-up display allowed for easy reading in the dim morning light. The kids are groaning about the classic rock issuing from the Sirius XM station, but it’s dad’s day, so the music stays.

Dad knows the drive back up toward the road will be considerably more effortless than hauling in that large-mouth bass. The LX’s 5.7 liter V8 makes quick work of the muddy slog, and the crawl control with turn assists practically ignores the larger rocks on the path. Four zone climate control and perforated leather seats combined with a lush ride and quiet cabin mean the kids are asleep again in 5 minutes flat.

Before long, the family’s back home with a fresh catch in-hand ready for a feast worthy of Father’s Day.


After breakfast and a quick nap, Dad’s on his way to the golf course to test out his new clubs. Dad can finally crank the Mark Levinson Reference surround sound audio system without the kid’s complaining. His favorite music washes through the cabin as though the band was riding with him all the way back to the third-row seats.

The industry-first subscription-free traffic and weather service on Dad’s HD radio assures him that his afternoon will be cloudless and pleasant. He’s ready to take a few strokes off his game knowing that as soon as he finds his LX waiting for him in the parking lot, Lexus’ Smart access system will allow him to slide in and start it up without ever taking his keys form his pocket.


Dad’s had the day of his dreams. It’s only fitting that his special day concludes with dinner reservations at the hottest steak restaurant in town.

The LX’s triple-beam LED headlamps carve a bright cone over the darkening roads toward town, and although Dad’s attentive and alert, he knows he can’t trust everyone else on the road. The LX’s 10-airbag system ensures that even in the event of a collision, his family will have a greater chance of coming out unscathed.

The LX’s rigid structure with deliberate crumple zones combined with Lexus’ Smart-Stop technology which decreases engine power under certain stopping conditions, reassure dad that his perfect day won’t end in a trip to the hospital.


What more could Dad have asked for on his special day? With a new or L/Certified Lexus from Reinhardt Lexus, Dad won’t have to wait another 365 days to celebrate his achievements again. Dad’s Lexus rewards him each and every day, serving as a constant trophy of his dedication to his family, his work, and his future.

Come see us at Reinhardt Lexus and let us find the perfect reward for the deserving father in your life.

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