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Perhaps you have already committed your brand loyalty to Lexus, but you are overwhelmed by the decisions. Many drivers who research reliability, safety, performance, and timelessness come to that conclusion before they necessarily choose a model.

We can help you by narrowing your choices to some basic models that reflect various concerns. By the time you finish customizing options, you’ll have a car that represents you.

First of all, are you an SUV driver or a sedan loyalist? Many drivers choose SUVs when they are concerned with safety, cargo, and flexible seating.

· If you are a single driver who has several hobbies that require gear and a small dog, you may choose the NX. This Lexus model is the smallest five-seat SUV, which handles like car, but can still tow a trailer load of 3,500lbs if necessary. The NX gets around 30mpg on the highway. It is small and relatively driver centric at 182? L x 74? W x 65? H.

· Families who need a versatile SUV to serve all interests often choose the RX. It satisfies mom’s need for maneuverability and safety, has room for dad’s fishing gear on the weekends, and gets good gas mileage to chauffeur kids. The 295-horsepower V6 engine will get 28 mpg on the highway. The size (193? L x 75? W x 68? H) suits those who know they belong in an SUV but relish the way a large sedan handles.

· Larger families or drivers who regularly transport 5 or more passengers will want to look at our full-size V8-powered SUVS. The GX (192? L x 74? W x 74? H) has the height and ground clearance to give a feeling of security on the road with the 4-wheel drive that assures control on or off the road. The LX is even larger with a dual-screen rear seat entertainment center, independent climate control for each row, and the ability to seat 8 or use the third row for cargo.

Cars get you closer to the road for a more exhilarating driving experience and meet the needs of those who are more certain of the items and passengers they’ll accommodate.

· The IS is a sport-sedan in that it handles like a sports car with tight-steering all-wheel drive and has the lowest profile of our sedans (184? L x 71? W x 56? H). However, it still has four doors and comfortably seats passengers.

· Drivers who are slightly more family oriented or appreciate a sedan silhouette may choose the V6 models, the ES and the GS (192-194? L x 72-73? W x 57-58? H), which make steps up in horsepower without sacrificing much on mpg.

· If you want the kind of car that shows class and asserts road control, the flagship Lexus sedan is your car. The LS sports a 386hp V8, and five adult passengers can sit, not just in comfort, but in luxury.

This is just the beginning. Whichever Lexus model you explore further, you’ll know it has passed 500 unique design and engineering checkpoints resulting in the most reliable, safest, smoothest, and quietest make on the road. With our F sport packages and optional hybrid engines on some models, you can have a car that represents all of your priorities.

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