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August 7, 2017

As a mother of two, there are plenty of things to stress about—twice the amount of things, really. There are two lunches to pack, two backpacks to keep track of, and two schedules full of club meetings, practices, performances, and play-dates. That’s why when the time came to purchase a new wagon for my tribe, I wanted something that could chop the usual automotive worries down the middle and relieve some of those future headaches.

My Lexus RX 350 is that fabled SUV. It’s equal parts safety-first family workhorse and my own little oasis during those infrequent moments of solitude. Where once I worshipped at the utilitarian front bumper of my minivan, I am now a full-on convert to the brilliance of a Lexus luxury SUV. Every day I spend behind the wheel is its own piece of testimony. So, let me walk you through my day and a few of the features my RX 350 provides that make being a mom just a little bit sweeter:

The School Commute

The most harrowing drive of my day is the first one—the dreaded highway battle toward two different schools across town. Other motorists are visibly distracted, drowsy, or even downright negligent with their phones perched at the 12 o’clock position on their steering wheels.

I know that I’m awake and fully dedicated to my children’s safety, but I can’t trust everyone else on the road. My Lexus RX 350, a computer-brained ally in my morning run, is on my side. The Panoramic View Monitor utilizes four high-resolution cameras to provide me with a birds-eye view of the environment. I become a momma-bird with a hawk’s perspective, keenly aware of my position and the positions of others on the road. The Vehicle Proximity Notification System and Blind Spot Monitor mean I not only see hazards, but hear them as well. My RX plugs itself into my very senses, allowing me complete tactile control over my children’s safety.

Even with all that help, things can still go wrong. My RX’s 10-airbag system ensures that even if the worst happens, we’re best prepared.

The Mid-Day Grocery Run

In my minivan of yesteryear, the trip to the grocery store seemed more of a chore than a chance to relax. Things are quite different in the RX. For starters, with Lexus’ Smartaccess system, I don’t even have to fish my keys from the depths of my purse. The RX senses the key nearby and can lock, unlock, and start without that frustrating, door-side excavation from my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-containing bag. It’s a parking lot godsend when the phone is ringing and someone’s waiting in the aisle for my spot.

And digital dials = futuristic knobs that facilitate my mom superpowers. While the digital dials are a seemingly small feature, they make me feel like I’m driving something demonstrably more sophisticated than a small sport utility. With my iPhone connected via Bluetooth, the Siri Eyes Free System uses voice commands enabling easy access to emails and even allowing me to send text messages when I need to (which is practically always).

Taking a little time for myself isn’t just important; it’s crucial, especially since becoming a mom. That’s why I opted for my Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio system. The folks at Reinhardt said it was optional, but for me, it was a no-brainer. This unparalleled audio system that builds up the original sound quality of a recoding gives this mom a little chance for some candid car karaoke on the trip home. In my world, that’s a non-negotiable.

To Grandma’s House We Go

I’m not just a mom; I’m a daughter too. With an aging mother living on her own, I need to quickly pop over once or twice a week and check in. Once dinner’s done, and while the kids attend to their homework (ahem, hopefully), I’ve got that one last item on my day’s agenda.

Mom still lives in the old house just outside of town. The empty highway connecting our home to hers allows me to fully access my RX’s 295-hp V6. That little extra get-up is much appreciated, especially when combined with a honey-smooth ride and sharply reflexive steering. The Premium Triple-Beam LED Headlamps are as bright as my own personal full moon, while the perforated, leather-trimmed interior smells as rich as it feels.

A New Way for Mom to Win

If you’re not converted yet, I suggest a trip to Reinhardt Lexus as soon as you’re able. Once you hop into the driver’s seat and look clear across the hood, you’ll be able to experience firsthand what being a Lexus Mom can do for you.

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