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Reinhardt Lexus knows how hard you work to host a memorable Thanksgiving meal. Your planning, errands, and preparation do more to make the day special than anything else. That’s why the Lexus ES has been painstakingly designed to help you tackle Turkey Day in all its toiling glory.

For every planning problem and fickle festive task, your Lexus ES provides a solution.

Parking at the Grocery Store

Navigating just about any parking lot this time of year can be an exercise in attentiveness. Whether you’re dodging a wayward shopping cart or trying to tuck your vehicle into that last good spot, the ES has literally got your back.

Standard on the ES 350, the back-up camera with dynamic grid lines gives you full multimedia control of your reverse view. Backing-in and backing-out are simple affairs, free from drama or stressful dings.

The optional vehicle proximity notification systems, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Intuitive Parking Assist, detect and warn you of pedestrians and other vehicles alike with a tone emitted in the cabin. These features offer additional automatic braking support to keep detected persons and vehicles as well as your own bumper ding-free as you pull in and back out of your parking space. The powerful and reliable LED headlamps and blind-spot monitoring keep you confident at your perimeters during the drive.

From home to highway to aisle 12, the Lexus ES gives you something to be thankful for in even the most inconvenient traffic situations.

Last Minute Decorative Desires

The old table runner and matching place mats have had their day in the sun, literally. It’s time to make a last-minute dash to the home goods store to refresh the little touches.

When it comes to setting that perfect table, taste and space must meet in a perfect ergonomic harmony as it does in your Lexus ES. With daring styling and space to spare, the Lexus ES is the perfect tool for the job.

Optional heated and ventilated front seats keep you in ideal environs no matter where you live or what time of night. And class-leading rear legroom means the whole clan can come along in comfort.

Whether you’ve settled on just the table runner or decided to redo the entire scheme, the available power open and close trunk together with abundant square footage of storage make packing your purchases all too easy.

The Airport Pick-up

With people coming in from far and wide, you’re bound to play chauffeur to even the most critical in-law or visiting loved one.

No matter the relative, the Lexus ES offers plenty to distract and dazzle. With Lexus Enform App Suite, you can access your favorite apps, sports broadcasts, or music all from the comfort of your console-mounted display. The Mark Levinson premium sound system makes the ride to the airport as rewarding as attending a concert.

Subscription free traffic and weather HD radio together with a navigation system gets you there by the best route possible so you won’t have to listen to an ear-full about being late, and dual-zone climate controls keep the car cozy.

To sweeten the deal, the ES 350 achieves 30 mpg on the highway ensuring you’ll spend less on gas than you will for that Thanksgiving-inspired ceramic serving bowl.

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