Value Your Trade


Why Trade?
Trading in your car at Reinhardt Lexus is safer, easier, and in the end, will give you more for your trade in vehicle than selling on your own. Selling a car by owner car can be time consuming, whether you place it for sale on the internet or on the side of the road. In the time it takes to advertise and demo the car, the market value can drop or rise drastically depending on supply and demand of a given market. Additionally, you save money on the taxes you pay for by trading into a dealer verses selling the car yourself. So, save your time, save your energy, save your wits, and save your money - Trade with us today!

What to Expect?
When you bring in your car to our dealership, you can expect us to give you the most for your trade in. There are several factors that we use to determine a car's value:

• Age, Mileage, and overall condition
• Color (Some colors are more popular than others in certain areas)
• Factory equipment or special packages
• Previous accidents, whether minor or major, who repaired it as well as the fit and finish of its current condition
• Installation of aftermarket parts
• Purchase history: How many owners has the car had? From where was the vehicle purchased? Was it purchased new/certified/used? Was it purchased from a dealer or from an individual?
• Is there a lien on the vehicle or is the title in hand? Is proof of current registration available?
• Service history records: Was the vehicle serviced regularly? Where was the vehicle serviced?
(Secret tip: servicing at a Lexus dealer regularly can increase the value, and always keep your own records of any service history)
• Are both keys, including master and spare, along with manual available?
• Market supply & demand

At Reinhardt Lexus, we access certain systems to verify all or most of the information listed above, including but not limited to the National Lexus dealer database, Carfax, as well as market evaluators including but not limited to Kelly Blue Book, Manheim, NADA, Black Book, and Edmunds.

After a physical walk around and road test to determine the actual overall condition of the vehicle and whether or not it calls for additional repairs, we compare the appraised vehicle to similar cars (same year, make, model, package level, color, mileage) and the prices that those same cars are selling for in our area and surrounding areas. We have access to current live market conditions in every region of the US and use the market, less reconditioning, to determine the current value of your vehicle.

To get started, you can use one or both of the buttons below to get an estimated value on your own vehicle. Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds are both well-known and trusted consumer trade evaluators that can give you a rough idea of your vehicle's current value.


While these are powerful consumer tools, we do still recommend bringing your car by to have a full inspection and appraisal completed by one of our experienced managers to provide you with a more accurate value. 
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